Every year, I'm the only one who loves this side dish at my gatherings.  Come to find out, this same one is our thing in Colorado; so now, I love it even more.

I don't think we can count stuffing, corn, or mashed potatoes, because they're just included with the turkey, so it seems.  It's that "third layer" of holiday cuisine that starts to show a person's individuality; when you start hearing comments like "You enjoy that, I'm heading for the raisin-filled bread pudding!"

States with the weirdest side-dish favorites, in my humble opinion:

  • Alabama and Georgia: Squash casserole.  Just why?
  • Arizona: Pumpkin roll.  What is it?
  • Florida: Corn souffle.  Nothing surprises me in Florida, so sure.
  • Idaho: Sourdough bread.  Sure, if there's nothing else around.
  • Kentucky: Broccoli casserole.  A casserole out of my favorite veggie?  Any day but Thanksgiving, please.
  • Michigan: Roasted brussel sprouts.  Blarf.
  • New Jersey: Butternut squash soup.  Why would you do that to yourself.
  • North Carolina and Virginia: Corn pudding.  A side dish or a lumpy dessert?
  • Texas: Broccoli rice casserole.  I think I might cry.

To put that into perspective:  Colorado's favorite side dish is the ALL-MIGHTTYYYY

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I need others to join me in this favorite.  We have to band together so my waist band doesn't double.  I will eat the entire pie if left to my own devices!

Click the delicious, dreamy pecan-pie image above for the whole list of favorites by state.

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