Of all the choices that we have in Colorado for hard seltzers and smoothies, it's hard to believe that these are ones that soar to the top for the Centennial State.

What makes matters worse, is that the "hard seltzer" winner comes from research for "Favorite Light Beer or Hard Seltzer;" meaning that this choice beat out Coors Light, Bud Light, and all those Bud Light seltzers. I find that, astounding.

Smoothies. Where do you go for smoothies? Or, do you just blend them up yourself? This "popular" flavor for Colorado does not include any nuts or granola, or anything like that; it's just one simple flavor.

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The gang at PantryAndLarder.com, who provide recipe and food advice, did some research ahead of National Smoothie Day on June 21. Some of their findings:

  • Strawberry smoothies are the most popular across the entire U.S.
  • States that have a popular fruit crop, usually have that fruit as the state's top smoothie flavor.
  • Spinach and Kale are the top two Vegetable smoothies.



Just like other states in our region, which have great peach crops (like our beloved Palisade area ) Colorado's top smoothie is a peach one. Nine other states agree on this.

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When it comes to Colorado's most-popular hard seltzer, the people at E-Conolight.com, who handle LED lighting (like for backyard parties) put together their list, based on Google Trends data over the last 12 months. Again it could have been a light beer, but Colorado's leans more towards the hard seltzers.


PBR.com, Canva.com

PBR's 'Stronger Seltzer' takes the victory lap around the neighbor's yard for being Colorado's most-popular. I honestly didn't see that coming. It's either because these seltzers pack 8% ABV, or it's because of the Cannibas-infused "High" seltzer that they have.

What will we do if PBR puts out a peach-flavored, Stronger Seltzer?

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