Not only did The Killers' Brandon Flowers just give us all the hand-washing tutorial we've been waiting for, but in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the band has made a huge announcement for fans regarding their upcoming summer tour. 

Last week, while essentially every spring tour and public gathering was canceled or postponed out of concern for spreading COVID-19, The Killers dropped their new song 'Caution,' with a upcoming album and summer tour announcement, giving fans something to look forward to in the coming months, but tickets are not on sale yet...

The music industry is undoubtedly feeling the economic impact of COVID-19, but The Killers recognized that the service industry in the cities where they tour will also by devastated in the coming weeks (Denver bars are restaurants are now closed until May).

So, The Killers are doing something pretty cool to help. Read the announcement from the band below, courtesy of AEG.

Courtesy of AEG
Courtesy of AEG

The Killers will be at the Pepsi Center on August 18, 2020 on the Imploding the Mirage Tour.

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