Last week was another round of work on the Jeep Wrangler. Recently, I have noticed that there was a leak in the radiator. Instead of simply replacing one part, I tore into most of the cooling system as a precaution and replaced numerous things. Along with the radiator, I also replaced the thermostat, water pump and fan clutch. .

After a few test drives to make sure everything was operating properly, we decided Sunday would be a great time to head up to the mountains for a bit! We ended up taking Pingree Park Road up near the CSU campus. Let me tell you this, I HATE washboard roads. They are horrible. Not only on your back, but on the suspension as well.

The dogs got to have a little adventure too. Which made me smile. They had so much fun... They do not, however, like having their pictures taken at all. So these photos took forever to get!

When it was time to head home, I did notice that the Jeep was driving a little funny. I ended up crawling under the Jeep to see what the problem was... Back to those stupid washboard dirt roads. I am certain this was the cause of one of my control arms coming apart in the rear!

That repair will take place tonight! But we cannot wait to hit up a trail that we can have a blast on this summer!