Yes, those are Evergreen firefighters carrying the 120-pound Great Pyrenees named Kato down a mountain. #WorkHumans

This time of the year it is very important to make sure that you stay hydrated and safe in the heat -- and same goes for your pets. As Evergreen Fire Rescue tweeted, Kato's owners rightfully contacted them for help after they noticed their dog wasn't doing so well on the trail; they say he was likely dehydrated. But, what happened next is kind of comical...

As a result, Kato has gone viral, landing on BuzzFeed, making national headlines and gaining a good amount of support on Twitter.



Aw, KATO. You can check out the rest of the funny reactions on Buzzfeed; you're guaranteed a giggle. Now what do I have to do to be carried down a mountain by firefighters?

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