When Northern Colorado got hit by #BombCyclone yesterday, we got hit hard-- I know this because I was driving in it, white-knuckling all the way from Windsor to Fort Collins.

Some people chose to go towards humor rather than fear, though, and made some pretty hilarious social posts during the weather event. Notice these are all from Twitter because...yeah. Facebook and Instagram decided to take a little nap yesterday.

Here are a few of my favorites to lighten your ice-filled Thursday:

1. The Snow Bar

Wow. Talk about Colorado ingenuity.

2. Coloradans be like...

It's true. I do this constantly.

3. You OK, giraffes?

4. 9News had some fun with the "power of television'

Oh, god. Why is he out there without a coat on??

5. What 'bomb cyclone' should really mean.

No additional commentary on this one, it speaks for itself.

We're so glad everyone stayed home and stayed safe yesterday-- and glad that we can laugh at ourselves a little, too.

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