Yes, I mentioned the train swap meet in Estes this weekend.  Yes, I went and it was awesome.  But not everything I do is nerdy.  We stayed at the Stanley Hotel, too, two doors down from the haunted 217 room!  We just had a blast.  I don't let ghosts & junk into my world.

Then, we hit the national park, aiming for a sledding hill, because even though I live by Spring Canyon Park, all the good hills are off limits for sledding.  Oh.  Man.  Let me just say I'll be going back to this place many, many times, and my girls agree bigtime.  There was a point where the park ranger had to tell me to get off one of the steep hills, because sometimes skiiers come flying down there, so thanks to that lady!  Especially since I did get one high-speed sled ride off that slope before she showed up.

If you don't know about Hidden Valley, it was open until the early 90s.  Even though it's not an "official" ski resort now, it's sort of back to its "original" state, as people used to ski there long before it ever opened with lifts.  I have definite plans to return with my snowboard & hike up those old runs!

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