Coming this March, Denver Zoo visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal with the 400-pound felines that will soon call this place home. 

Officially opening to the public on March 17, The Edge is the zoo's newest exhibit, and features the largest living members of the cat family, Amur tigers. Guests will be able to get closer than ever to these massive creatures with a perforated viewing wall that lets you check out the tigers from about an arm's length away, as well as bridges and catwalks hanging just 12 feet above the heads of visitors that the cats can roam and play on. The name says it all, as the exhibit will be made to look like the edge of a real forest, complete with more than a dozen 120-year-old pine trees and other features aimed to mimic the tigers’ natural habitat. The new area, which is set on almost a full acre, will also include large pools and dens for mothers having cubs. A nearby seating area will allow zoo-goers to watch as handlers work with the big cats in daily demonstrations. The Edge will be located on the southeastern edge of the park, between the Tropical Discovery and seal exhibits, in a space that's almost double where the tigers were previously housed.

Another reason for calling this new enclosure The Edge, is to bring awareness to the fact that this beautiful species of tiger is literally on the edge of extinction, but can hopefully be saved with conservation efforts of people around the world.

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