You can put The Cure on the list of people who have had enough of the outrageous prices for concert tickets. Colorado is one of only three states that don't crack down on ticket scalpers, and The Cure are upset enough to let the whole world know.

It can be very had to get a ticket to a hot show, with bots, and ticket selling-mimic sites, so, many fans have to get tickets from sites that hike up the prices The Cure is calling out Colorado for not helping its fans.

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It's bad enough when Ticketmaster themselves, find every way to tack more and more onto the price of tickets, but when re-seller sites get a hold of them, it's nearly impossible to get them for the actual face value. When a band like The Cure set out to make tickets affordable for everyone, They have to put stipulations on those ticket purchases.

The Cure will be in Denver at Fiddler's Green on June 6; fans will find that the tickets they purchase will be non-transferable; this is to keep re-sellers from making a ton of cash on those tickets. Bottom line- if a re-seller were to buy tickets, they can't re-sell them for more than face value. If Colorado fans change their plans and cant' go, The Cure wants those fans to use a "Face Value Only" site such as, which I had never heard of until now.


The band specifically called out Colorado as one of the states that don't crack down on ticket scalping:

Unfortunately, despite our desire to protect our low ticket prices for fans, the states of NY, IL and CO make this very difficult..

Many of the band's fans had words of thanks for their move to make the tickets non-transferable:

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