At least once every winter, I like to take a trek out & about in Colorado that doesn't involve I-70, and is generally just a relaxing trip, nothing too energetic.  But when you've been to Glenwood Springs, Salida, Leadville, and other places that are away from the masses, what's next?  (Seriously - What would you suggest?)  I find the Smothered Burrito Trail an acceptable answer.

It's a fun excuse to go places you haven't before (i.e. Limon, for me,) and places you haven't been to in too long (i.e., the undeniably fun downtown Breckenridge.)

Sam's #3 (don't ask me why it's a #3 - maybe there is a one and a two somewhere) is a fun, 24-hour diner that serves alcohol, and it's just a quick hop away from Lodo in Denver.

I generally appreciate Mexican food, because I can get completely satisfied without meat being part of the picture, as it is more of a treat that I enjoy on my own terms once or twice a week.  (Stay tuned for some amazing wild bison recipes one day soon!)

Do I talk too much?  Okay.  Sorry.  Here it is!

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