Once, I was impressed that my brother-in-law had filled his shed with beer cans... until the recyclers gave him about $15 for all of them.  Perhaps we've found a better use for all this scrap aluminum.

Meet Cano's Castle.

Trip Advisor via Pinterest
Trip Advisor via Pinterest

Located at State and East 10th Streets in Antonito, Colorado, this was built by Vietnam veteran Donald Espinoza who sites cannabis, Jesus, and the fact he made it home from war safely as his inspirations for this project.

You're probably thinking the same thing I was:  A house made entirely out of beer cans is impossible.  You're right.  There are also some hubcaps involved, as well as a few other random recyclables.

So then, is it, like - safe??  We're not told.  Let's just say that Espinoza doesn't even live in it.  The entire place belongs to Jesus.  Donald lives across the street in his trailer.

If you ever feel like the building codes where you live are too strict, then perhaps you should look for a chunk of land in Antonito!

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