There's been a lot of debate about how, or even if, we should help out those who have trouble making it.  (I'm guessing you've noticed that.)  Well, for Jenna Schallert in Eaton, there is no debate:  Everything is free.

Weld County Food Bank gets all of the eggs from this business - which Jenna insists that it is - currently under the name Jenna and Friends.  She also donates beef, with a goal of two cows per month in 2018.

Schallert's 501c3 charity farm was born out of desperation - like many people's dreams.  Her former life was at a dead end.  Nothing made her feel content except drinking.  Today, she enjoys the surprised looks on people's faces when they ask how profitable her business is, and she tells them 'It isn't.'

She says she would rather keep enjoying the peace and nature of this expansive, seven-acre property than be on a beach.  She loves it, and says the chickens calm her.  She calms them, too, claiming egg production is up about 20% since she started playing music for them.

Jenna has nicknamed herself "The Crazy Chicken Lady," and you can find out more about Jenna and Friends, including how to help her efforts, here!

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