A couple in Superior, a little town in Boulder County, is trying a bit of a unique concept:  They’re hosting house concerts.  That's not as in 'house (electronic) music,' necessarily. This is far more literal, where strangers come over to Lee and Jan Simon’s house and take in a live musical performance, right there in their living room.   Lee says "We never had a master plan, and now it's grown into what it is today, and now we are at our 50th show."

In terms of the performers themselves, Mrs. Simon says there's only one requirement:  They have to like the music.  She says they've had pop, country, indie, "really a variety."  One singer-songwriter says "It's not a bar.  It's people in a house, being respectful, and paying reverence to the music.  I want to be listened to, you know, so in a listening environment like this I can sort of draw people in."

The only cost to guests is a 20 dollar suggested donation, all of which goes to the artists.  The night is usually separated into three phases:  cocktail hour, pot luck, and the concert.  You can find out more at soundsofsimon.com.

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