[Source for story: CBS4-Denver]

One guy. Just one guy in Commerce City thinks it's time to change from the Denver Broncos to the Colorado Broncos.

According to CBS 4 -Denver, his name is Michael Scanlon, a long time Bronco fan who also works for the Chamber of Commerce, and he believes that changing the name would be more inclusive to all the great cities in Colorado. He's quick to point out that the New England Patriots were once the Boston Patriots, and there are the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, etc. (There are also the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs....I digress.)

We do have, after all, the Colorado Avalanche, the Colorado Rockies, and the Colorado Rapids. He did not mention if this campaign should also include the Denver Nuggets.

While Scanlon seems lighthearted in his quest, he believes that changing the name would be "a gold mine" for the state and that it could reap financial benefits to "other economic sectors around the state". He's so serious about this that he has bought the domain, coloradobroncos.com. His goal is to obtain 76,000 signatures (the number of seats at the stadium) to at least start the conversation.

What do you think?

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