The Denver Broncos will be heading to Florida this weekend to face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

The Broncos are coming off a strong win from Week 1 with Teddy Bridgewater at the helm. The Jaguars, however, are coming off a Week 1 loss with Trevor Lawrence earning his first-ever regular-season loss and head coach Urban Meyer handling things, for lack of a better term, indelicately.

According to a Twitter thread yesterday, Sept. 14, one of the heads of PR for the Jaguars, Amy Palcic, decided to make Meyer unavailable for any Broncos media this week.

Now, obvious speculation is that Meyer isn't handling the loss all that well, which has some people questioning how much professionalism there is in pouting. Others, while the thought is highly unlike and bordering on impossible, have jokingly hoped the unavailability means he's interviewing for the USC head coaching position.

Again, that is jokingly. I definitely do not see Urban Meyer leaving the NFL, first game loss or not, to coach at USC.

This is not the first time Meyer has been rumored in connection with a college head coaching position. In fact, when Colorado State University was on the hunt for a new head coach, some CSU hopefuls were convinced Meyer was in the running.

While it was never confirmed that Meyer was even in consideration for the role, we did get this very interesting photo of CSU President Joyce McConnell, CSU Athletic Director Joe Parker, and Meyer out at dinner in Indianapolis.

Parker never really gave a straight answer in 2019 about Meyer as a coaching candidate. However, it was confirmed that Meyer played a consulting role in highering current CSU Head Coach Steve Addazio.

Oh, what could have been if the rumors of Urban Meyer and CSU were true.

Alas, Colorado fans will just have to watch him on the sidelines for Sunday's game opposite the Broncos. Personally? I feel the Broncos have a really good chance at digging the hole a little deeper and giving the Jaguars their second loss of the season.

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