The Denver Broncos are, in all likelihood, not headed to the Super Bowl. With this trade, Emmanuel has a much better chance of being there, while helping Denver.

Denver 7 announced this afternoon (Oct 22, 2019) that Emmanuel Sanders was traded to San Francisco in return for 3rd and 4th round picks next season.

The Broncos haven't looked at all great so far this season, and the rest of the season doesn't look like a lot of marks in the win column, either. Time to start on next year. Two early-round picks next season will help the Broncos, for sure.

San Francisco will also get Denver's 5th round pick in the 2020 draft along with Sanders. Denver 7 states that San Fran may start Sanders as early as this Sunday.

San Francisco is currently undefeated, along with the Patriots (who put a BEAT DOWN on the Jets on Monday Night Football.)  Sanders has a real chance at returning to the Super Bowl since playing for the Broncos when they won in 2015 over the Panthers.

Sanders was final offensive starter from that 2015 team that was still active. In his six Denver seasons, he made 404 catches for 5,361 yards and 28 touchdowns.

It does look like a win-win, but it'll be a drag not seeing Sanders in a Broncos uniform come Sunday as San Francisco takes on Carolina.

Get more on the trade from Denver 7 HERE.

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