Can you believe I was in the freaking bathroom during the Great Wardrobe Malfunction of 2004?  I'm a guy.  A complete urinary procedure in a small apartment takes me 30 seconds tops.  That said, I suspect my response would've been the same had I seen it:  "Oh wow, that would be embarrassing.  Hmm.  Is there any more bean dip?"

Being a "Let's do this" sort of person, I can't sit and watch sports on TV, because I would rather participate than watch almost anything.  (Also one reason I don't own any porn.  Ba-da chssss)  But I will make an event out of this, because it's fun!  For one thing, having been a Media Arts major, I will always grade commercials with a bloody red marker.  Also, it's a nationwide party!  Who doesn't love that?

I'm pulling from USA Today here for

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