Ice cream is good ANY time of the year in my humble opinion but there's something extra special and refreshing about an ice cream cone or simply a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer Colorado day.

Personally, my favorite time for ice cream is on a warm summer evening after a full day of fun activities, there's just something about it that I can't explain. Thankfully, we have a bunch of great spots to score some ice cream here in Northern Colorado.

According to google reviews, The Walrus (which is MY favorite spot so far in NoCo for ice cream) seems to agree with me.

There are obviously the chain places like Cold Stone, Dairy Queen, Culver's etc to check out and their ice cream is awesome too because...DUH it's ice cream.

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I'm taking a moment to focus on the LOCAL spots throughout our area and there a several of them that truly stand out from the rest're supporting local businesses which is something that this past year has taught us more than anything...the importance of our local small businesses.

Let's get ready for summer or...check them out anytime because once again...DUH it's ice cream.

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