Let's face it. College isn't for everybody. We all raise our kids with the idea that we need to save for their college education to set them up for the good life, but in 2023 is a college degree really necessary to land a well paying job? I'd argue it's not.

There are plenty of people I know who don't have a degree and make plenty of money for a really comfortable life, and I'd argue that many of them are happier doing it. We all know that person or a few people who seemed to go to college only to stall a little bit before having to "adult." You know the ones. They're usually your really fun friends with a few different degrees and maybe a graduate degree, but they like their wine or beer and work a job that their degree(s) are absolutely useless for.

Whether you or your kids have grown up in Fort Collins, or just moved here to attend one of the area's many great colleges or universities, if you plan to stay here for the long run you don't need a college degree to have a well paying job.

Stacker consulted the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile a list of the best paying jobs nationally - and in Fort Collins - that don't require a college degree.

No Degree Required!

These are the best paying jobs in Fort Collins that don't require a college degree.

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