There are pumpkins and then there are ginornous gourds that break records. This is a story of the latter. Not one but the two biggest pumpkins in Colorado history are now on display thanks to two growers here in Colorado.

First, let's start off with the second largest pumpkin in Colorado history that was grown in a Fort Collins yard by a fireman.

Brad Bledsoe and his family named their giant gourd "Greta" claimed victory in the Fort Collins Nursery weigh off recently by clocking in a 1729 pounds, it's the second largest pumpkin ever grown in Colorado. As you can see, the competition was pretty impressive in general.



Great competition but there could only be one winner and this is the one, Greta.



Greta is now on display at Aurora Fire Station 11.   Now, as for the biggest pumpkin ever in Colorado history, it is on display at Denver's Botanical Gardens and it weighs in at 1783 pounds.




Wow, that's a lot of pumpkin pies.



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