The 1975 was the first band I'd heard of in awhile whose name is a number.  And it's a weird name, even in the world of music.  So in the beginning, I thought "Well, here's another band that'll probably come & go."  Wrong!!  They are my kind of band, because they rock with class and they have several sounds, all of which they pull off very, very well.

The BRIT Awards 2017 - Show
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In case you've already forgotten - or, you have yet to take it in for the first time - Here they are last May right down the street:

If you see them at the Fillmore Auditorium on May 6th and/or 7th, good chance you'll be the first to hear some brand new songs from the 1975.  NME claims we can expect a new release - on vinyl - sometime before year's end.

Aaaaaaand, we've got your free tickets to the show on Saturday, May 6th.  Listen this morning (4/6/17) in the 8am hour, and again this afternoon with Shelby.

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