As a music fan there is always something new and great, but there really is something special about the songs you grew up listening to. For me, that was 70's and 80's classic rock. If I am in a shi**y mood, I throw in a little Zeppelin or Rush and take a trip back to rolling in my mom's T-Bird. Now every Wednesday you get to take that trip with me. It's Way Back Wednesday with Butch, and today's feature is from an album that we first heard 25 years ago in 1989... "Love Song" by Tesla. 

The Great Radio Controversy was the second album by Tesla, released in 1989. The album featured the hit singles "Love Song", "Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)" and "The Way It Is."

"Love Song" is a power ballad that rocketed to number ten on the U.S. charts, becoming one of the group's biggest hits.

It was written by front man Jeff Keith and guitarist Frank Hannon, and is widely considered to be the band's signature song, and still getting heavy airplay today. However, it is not their highest-charting single: That would be "Signs," their cover of a Five Man Electrical Band song, which got to #8 on the Hot 100... but only after being re-released.

Now take a trip back 25 years to 1989 with us here...

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