Mother Nature will be cranking the furnace in Northern Colorado next week as we can expect temperatures to exceed 100 degrees. According to the National Weather Service, Monday will be a scorcher with a high of 99 degrees and even hotter on Tuesday. The forecasted high for Tuesday in Fort Collins will be 101 degrees.

Photo by Aniele Castro on Unsplash
Photo by Aniele Castro on Unsplash

Wednesday will be another triple-digit day with the high forecasted to be 100 degrees. Thursday will be hot, but not triple digits hot as we should expect to see a high of 98 degrees. What seems to be a late start to the summer heat will be catching up next week with these high temperatures in Northern Colorado.

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The high temperatures for Greeley on Tuesday and Wednesday are also expected to be 101 degrees. Saturday and Sunday are expected to be a bit cooler with highs in the low nineties and upper eighties.

Be sure to stay well hydrated and if you will be outdoors during these hot upcoming days to find shade or head indoors if the opportunity arises.

According to US Climate Data,  the average highs for Fort Collins in the month of June usually hover around 80 degrees. July is normally the hottest month for the Choice City with an average high of 87 degrees.

Source: National Weather Service - US Climate Data

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