Do you remember a time when Green Day was sleeping, Fall Out Boy was a bunch of baby faces with major side bangs and Nickelback was (slightly) more than a punchline? That time was 2005, and these songs were the top of the Billboard alternative charts on October 22.

Scott Gries/Getty Images/Canva
Scott Gries/Getty Images/Canva

In 2005, I started high school, and MTV and Vh1 still played music videos in the mornings, so I remember most of these songs. It's interesting to compare the alternative charts from a decade ago to now.

Impressively, the Foo Fighters are still on the alternative charts for this month, proving the band's longevity. Fall Out Boy may not be topping the alternative charts anymore, but they have crossed over to Billboard's pop charts for this month. And Nickelback, well... they still just want you to look at that photograph.

The charts from 2005 definitely reflect a much harder version of alternative rock than we know today, with bands like Staind, Audioslave and System of a Down making the cut, compared to today's Elle King, Walk the Moon and Cold War Kids. I also can't help but notice, where are the ladies at?

Personally, I love the softer, indie-influenced direction alternative music has taken. But, for our #tbt this week, we're bringing you a taste of the alt aughts.

  • 10

    Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

    Because it's October. Obvi.

  • 9

    System of a Down - Question!

  • 8

    Nickelback - Photograph

    What the hell is on your head?

  • 7

    Staind - Right Here

  • 6

    Foo Fighters - DOA

  • 5

    Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me

    Totally forgot this song was a thing. Aught Chris Cornell.

  • 4

    Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Goin' Down

    Possibly the most twee video prior to 2011.

    We're going down down dininibyaround.

  • 3

    Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

    You remember, that animated band.

  • 2

    311 - Don't Tread on Me

  • 1

    Nine Inch Nails - Only

    And the #1 song ten years ago today...

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