I only get to pick ten? Well, this is going to be hard but OK, I guess I can do it. But I'm not putting them in any order. That's pushing it.


Jesse Grant/Getty Images for CBS Radio

2015 has been a big year for 94.3 The X because, well, before 2015, there was no 94.3 The X. Before I get too sentimental, let me just say I really love the music on The X, but these ten were the ones that, despite hearing all day every day at work, I still wanted to go home and listen to some more.

Some of them I've played endlessly on repeat; some powered me through jogs, commutes and break ups. These are my top ten X songs of 2015. #nostalgia

  • 10

    Walk the Moon - Different Colors

    This song came out before we launched The X, and I immediately had it on my work out playlist. I remember running around Windsor Lake after I found out I was going to be the midday host, and I remember thinking, 'I hope this song is a thing later this year, because I really like it.'

    And it was.

  • 9

    Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile

    Because girl power.

  • 8

    New Politics - Girl Crush

    An on-air personality from our country sister station came in one day and was like, 'What is this song? I need to go download it' because even country listeners love them some New Politics.

  • 7

    Good Old War - Tell Me What You Want from Me

  • 6

    Banners - Shine a Light

  • 5

    The Wombats - Give Me a Try

    I mean, when do The Wombats not have a good song?

  • 4

    St. Lucia - Dancing on Glass

  • 3

    Nothing But Thieves - Trip Switch

    We love this one so much here at The X, we made a GIF of what happens when it comes on in the studio.

  • 2

    The Neighbourhood - Cry Baby

    This is my latest obsession.

    And I mean obsession. If this song was a person, it would probably have a restraining order against me.

  • 1

    BØRNS - Electric Love

    This was the first of these songs that I heard in 2015, and I have to say, there is no other song out there quite like it. I think I speak for us all when I say that it's the ultimate bad-day remedy.