Brian Aubert and Nikki Monniger of Silversun Pickups will kick off Taste of Fort Collins on Friday, June 5, with an acoustic performance. You know 'Lazy Eye,' probably by heart, but you might not know this... 

1) They have new tunes out. 

OK, that one you likely did know because you listen to THE X. Silversun Pickups, the LA-based alternative rock group, formed in the 2000s, nearing almost two decades as a band. 'Lazy Eye' and 'Panic Switch' are well-known rock tracks of the era, and the band recently toured on their fifth studio album, Widow's Weeds.

'The record does have a mourning vibe, but it’s not sad,' Brian Aubert said of the new album. 'It’s change. It’s growing up and moving on and letting go of things. And it’s okay to be sad about those things and mourn them. It’s actually healthy to do so and take the time to do it. At the end of the day, it’s going to be much better and much more fulfilling when you get through it.' Read more here.

2) Those new tracks were produced by someone who's worked with Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. 

'Silversun Pickups enlisted a long-time friend: producer Butch Vig,' QPrime said in the band's bio. While they had thought of working with Vig for years, they were waiting for what they felt would be the right time.

'With the ideas that were popping around in my head, it felt like, ‘God, this would be awesome; I think it’s time.'' Aubert said, via QPrime. ''If Butch is interested in doing this at all, let’s just call him.''

3) They can and will sort you into your Harry Potter House.

The first time we met the band was in 2016, when they played an acoustic set at the Downtown Artery. But, the second time we met them in 2017, we learned that they are pretty big Harry Potter fans (they even sorted us into our houses on; Nikki is a Hufflepuff, Brian is a Ravenclaw).

They were, in fact, the first band to come to Colorado and talk about Pottermore more than pot.

4. They will hold your baby.

In summer of 2019, Brian and Nikki played an acoustic set at our station (on what was probably the hottest day of the year), and the most popular guest at the show, who got quite a bit of attention from the duo, probably couldn't even name three of the band's songs... but, we'll let it slide.

5) Brian and Nikki will be playing an acoustic set on June 5 at Taste of Fort Collins... but that doesn't mean you won't hear the bass in 'Panic Switch.'


We're all about that bass. As we said before, the two members came out for an acoustic session last summer... and Nikki will still give you all the bass. (We've seen and heard with our own eyes and ears.) So, get ready for an intimate performance with the band to kick of the summer in FoCo; we guarantee you will have a blast. You can get your passes for Taste of Fort Collins 2020 here, through the station app.

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