Odell Brewing Co.

Ft. Collins Featured in The 50 Best Craft Breweries in America
Fort Collins is becoming known more for it's ability to brew a good craft beer than it's mountains. That being said, the two big dogs in the Fort Collins craft brewing scene are used to winning awards and making lists. They have done it again, but may not be ranked as high as they should b…
Fort Collins Makes a Splash at the 2014 World Beer Cup
Little old Fort Collins, Colorado is actually a giant in the beer world. We already knew that here, but every year at the World Beer Cup, the rest of the world takes notice as well. This year 2 of our hometown breweries came home with medals!
Silver Grill Cafe and Odell Cinnamon Roll Beer
Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Burgers and fries. There are just some things that need to go together. Soon we will be adding cinnamon rolls and beer to that list! But not just any cinnamon rolls or beer, the best of each from Fort Collins are coming together this fall!
New Odell Brew
Odell Brewing Co. announced today (Jan. 28th) that its first Cellar Series of 2013 will be an imperial porter brewed with grape must and aged in red wine barrels. The idea is unique to me, but the brew is sure to get you drunk at 9.3% alcohol by volume.
Odell Brewing Is Expanding In Fort Collins
First thought... More beer! Odell Brewing Co. announced today that they are planning their second expansion in the last two years. This time they'll be building a new brewhouse and expanding their current taproom.
2 Fort Collins Breweries Win Medals at the World Beer Cup
'The Olympics of Beer Competition' as it is referred to in the brewing industry. The World Beer Cup brings together great brewers from all corners of the globe. Plus, the awards are highly regarded. A brewer who wins a World Beer Cup gold award knows that their winning beer represents the best of …