Man Will Not be Charged in Longmont Walmart Homicide
The suspect in the Longmont Walmart shooting that left Keith Williams dead on July 23rd will not face any charges.
The announcement was made today that Joseph Anderson will not face any charges according to the Weld County District Attorney's Office...
Someone Found A Bomb In Longmont, Then Made A Horrible Mistake
I hope this doesn't ever happen, but... SHOULD you ever find a bomb or another dangerous-looking piece of artillery that looks like it could explode and kill people, here's what NOT to do.
Someone found a rocket, picked it up, and took it to Longmont Police - Perhaps for investigation …
First Colorado Town Gets Citywide Internet
While there's been rumors of this coming to Fort Collins for quite some time, Longmont went ahead and said, "Let's Do This."  (But not necessarily in a 'Home Depot' sort of way.)
The City of Longmont has been laying the fiber-optic line for this project sinc…

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