A Quick 4:20 Guide
I don't get 4:20.  And believe me, I am not an anti-weedist.  But out of all the things to tax a stoner with, watching the clock so as not to miss thee official minute you're supposed to spark up?  Also, most pot smokers do it all day, every day, anyway...
10 Ways for Stoners to Celebrate 4/20
This year, April 20 (a.k.a. the biggest day for marijuana) lands on a super odd day of the week: Wednesday. Because of that, there aren't many activities to do aside from browse deals at head shops and eat lunch at Cheba Hut. (Aside from smoke pot, of course.)
Idaho Follows Colorado In Replacing 420 Mile Marker
If you plan on stealing a 420 mile marker, you won't find one in Idaho.
Transportation officials say Idaho's 420 mile marker has been replaced with a 419.9 sign to deter marijuana enthusiasts. Adam Rush of the Idaho Transportation Department says this is the only 420 sign that has been repl…