There are Taco Bell locations all over Northern Colorado leaving no doubt that we like the fast food offered at these restaurants. Now, what if you could add a beer with that burrito? How about a margarita with your mini-skillet?

Taco Bell has announced plans to add 300 to 350 new stores across the country that will not have a drive-through option, but will offer alcohol! How about a red wine with your quesadilla? A sangria with your chalupa? The elimination of the drive-through is a bit bold as well over half of their revenue occurs through the drive-through window.

Taco Bell likes to "think outside the bun", so these new stores will be a "cantina-style" and located in urban areas that will be designed to represent the local flavor. If you're wondering, they are chasing the millennials as they're seeing them move into revitalized downtown areas. According to this story, the markets mentioned are: Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, and New York. It may not be too long before we see these options in Taco Bell stores in Colorado.

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