Max Becker of the band SWMRS was injured in a car accident while on the way to their show in Denver two weeks ago. He is still in rehabilitation in Colorado. 

The band announced on Instagram on October 29 that while traveling to Denver, they hit a patch of black ice in Wyoming. Max Becker, vocalist and guitarist, and two other touring members, Josh Berl and Natalie Somekh, were traveling in the van that crashed, and were transported to an intensive care unit.

While the band thanked first responders and medical staff, saying everyone would be OK, they did cancel the remainder of their tour.

On November 13, the band updated fans by stating Becker was still in rehabilitation in Denver. The two other injured passengers have been sent home, Alt Press reported.

“In addition to breaking both shoulders, bruising his lung & fracturing vertebrae, his biggest challenge will be recovering from the traumatic brain injury,' SWMRS posted on Twitter. 'While currently assisted with a wheelchair, he is working everyday on regaining his strength and ability to walk. There was truly a guardian light that night, one that we will forever be thankful for.'

Becker's brother, Cole, is also in the band, along with Seb Mueller and Joey Armstrong (son of Billie Joe Armstrong). We got to meet them in 2016 when they played Hodi's in Fort Collins, and we are saddened by the news of Max's injuries. We wish Max well on his recovery.

The band says fan letters are encouraging him every day. You can send him a card at 3425 S Clarkson St. Englewood, CO, 80113.


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