Sum 41 rock! But how exactly do they pull off some of those great guitar solos? Guitarists Tom Thacker and Dave Baksh recently dropped by the Loudwire studio to demonstrate and discuss some of their favorite solos for this edition of Gear Factor, powered by Sweetwater.

Starting things off, the duo went with something off their upcoming album, rocking out the solo for the single "Out for Blood." “It has a great little part where I actually got to tap and slide," says Baksh. "So you can actually bend at the top of it.” He then transitions to another part, explaining, “Then I kind of peeled a part out of a Randy Rhoads solo.” The guitarist says he loves playing the song, because it's one of those where you can “hold up the guitar and show everybody that you did okay when you’re playing that live.”

Thacker delves into the "Screaming Bloody Murder" solo, while Baksh admits that the song gave him second thoughts about his decision to leave the group. “Screaming Bloody Murder is a record that I heard, and I immediately thought, ‘I should not have left this band,'" says the guitarist.

Thacker recalls, “We started to play really dark and fast stuff and I think it was a reaction to  Underclass Hero, which was a more poppier record and had less shreddier stuff in it.”

Thacker and Baksh show a bit of the difference in their playing styles while demonstrating the Chuck favorite "88," and then they take things back to the beginning, working through Baksh's guitar solo for "In Too Deep" from the All Killer, No Filler album.

The guitarist laughingly and humbly recalls, “For some reason, I guess pop punk, they weren’t used to finger tapping, so I got this reputation as, ‘Oh, this dude is so metal and he’s such a great guitar player,’ and I really wasn’t.”

Speaking about their approach, Baksh says, “All three of us as guitar players we come from that school of Keith Richards. He has always been more conscious of his right hand. And if you can’t play rhythm, then the rest of the song suffers. Playing leads are really fun, but for me, locking into that rhythm, right around the click track or around that snare pocket, that’s where we really live and thrive as a band I think.” Watch the Gear Factor video in full above.

Sum 41 are working toward the July 19 street date for their latest album, Order in Decline. You can pre-order it here and catch the band on the road as part of the Disrupt Tour this summer. Plus, watch their new video for "A Death in the Family" below. And if you want to pick up the guitar and try some of the different styles and approaches the guys are talking about, be sure to get all your gear needs taken care of via

Sum 41, "A Death in the Family"

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