We all know the holiday season can be a tough time of the year for many families in Northern Colorado. That's why we want to lend a helping hand to those in need!

Our "Helping Hands Holiday Season" has officially kicked off, where we will be granting your wish of receiving one of the presents below this Christmas to make your holiday much brighter.

Here's how our "Helping Hands Holiday Season" works:

  • Look at the list below and choose one gift that you would like to be able to give someone in your family, or one of your friends, this holiday season
  • Once you know the gift you'd like to put under the Christmas tree, fill out the form below and tell us why we should choose you, your family member, or your friend to receive that gift!
  • If we choose you, we'll let you know before Christmas day so you have plenty of time to make plans for the holiday season.

Want to know the presents you'll have to choose from? Check out the list below, and please remember to say thank you to the sponsors who have made their donation to make the season brighter:

Fill out the form below, and remember to tell us why you want this wish granted for Christmas. All wishes will begin to be granted on Friday, December 15th, and will continue until December 21st.

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