Well we are coming up on December and it is Colorado so I think it's safe to say it's to be expected when you live about a mile high above sea level.

After some pretty mild temperatures over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, reality is about to set in (at least for a couple of days this week) as a massive cold front is expected to drop some snow and send temperatures into a free fall to near zero and even a little below zero overnight on Tuesday and Wednesday.



Monday looks to be really nice with lots of sunshine and highs around 50 before the bottom falls out Monday night with a cold front blowing through bringing some snow (around an inch or so expectecd) and temperatures will fall into the teens.

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Tuesday's commutes look to be the ones that could be a little sketchy as more snow is expected to fall through Tuesday with those cold temperatures as highs are only going to be in the 20's with winds whipping up too so yeah, Tuesday is going to be cold.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning the clearing will come but so with the near zero or even sub zero temperatures.

Once we get past that, things start to gradually warm up. Wednesday's high is supposed to be around 30 with lots of sun and we're back to the mid 40's on Thursday through the weekend.


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