Mountain lions and bobcats and skunks, oh my! Okay, that doesn't quite match the famous Wizard of Oz line, but I can imagine that's what wildlife officers thought after watching recent footage from a Colorado state park.

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On Wednesday (Feb. 16), Ranger Tiffany McCauley tweeted a video of a wildlife parade sauntering through Roxborough State Park. The camera captured a variety of animals, including a spotted skunk, a ringtail, a mountain lion, and a cottontail rabbit — along with a cheeky bobcat that appeared to spray the camera lens.

"This dry creek bed and large rock overhang provide excellent cover for predators and prey alike," said McCauley. "In the winter months, it provides a snow free [sic] corridor for easy travel. Snow melt creates small puddles for drinking and the rocks retain heat for warmth."

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), wildlife viewers typically spot mule deer, black-tailed prairie dogs, red foxes, rock squirrels, coyotes, and cottontail rabbits in Roxborough State Park. Along with 145 species of birds, the park also houses snapping turtles, toads, frogs, lizards, and rattlesnakes.

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Visitors rarely see mountain lions or bobcats in the area — although, clearly, the animals do hang out there.

On Thursday (Feb. 17), Roxborough State Park received fresh snow. Wildlife officials are reminding the public to pack layers of clothing, water, sunscreen, and snacks before visiting the park.

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