Working from home became the norm for many all over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, a study shows that while a lot of workers went remote over the last year, they weren't always in the luxury of a home office setup.

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Couches and kitchen tables became the new cubicle, and sometimes, even the bathroom became a work space (ew). According to a national survey of 3,000 work-from-home employees conducted by Gunther Volvo Cars, here are some unconventional WFH accommodations.

The study found that one in four, or 25 percent, of Coloradans would work in their cars. Not necessarily driving, but rather just sitting in their vehicles. Why? The survey says that 45 percent of those who worked from their cars said that they liked being able to drive somewhere else, maybe even somewhere scenic, surrounded by nature. We have plenty of that in Colorado, so it makes sense.

Other advantages included a car's sound system and being away from other people in one's household who may have also been working or schooling from home. Oh, and climate control. Imagine your office being the temperature YOU want it to be...

Most others surveyed said that they worked in their bedrooms, or in their yard. Ten percent confessed to taking care of business while in the bathroom, so we hope their camera was off.

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