Nothing would be more lame than having to miss a concert because of school, but some teachers just get it. A Reddit user posted a screenshot of an email chain with his son's band director, who allows the student to miss band practice for a Tool show and even admits they are jealous.

"Taking my 12 year old son to see Tool in Houston," the fan writes in the post. "My wife emailed his band director to make sure he wouldn't miss any practice or rehearsal the next day."

To their delight, the response was positive. "TOOL is a GOOD reason to miss it. My only response, take me with you guys!"

"I am super jealous that he will have that opportunity and I will not punish him for missing for TOOL," the email continues. The director proceeds to ask how the parents feel about the new album. Read the full post below.


Tool's Fear Inoculum came out a week ago today and is on pace to debut at No. 1, knocking Taylor Swift from the top of the chart. They have also just announced that a new distribution of limited edition CD sets for the new album are being made in order to satisfy the high demand, since they've already sold out.

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