The sun was setting over Fort Collins yesterday when my date and I realized it was a good time for a beer, and with the newest FoCo offering Stodgy Brewing looming in the distance, we decided to duck in and check it out.

The brewery is housed in an old fireplace sales building, and the structure itself looks a little scorched in places...overall, though, the vibe is cabin-y, with children and dogs running around on the front patio as if you're attending a family reunion in the woods.

The interior of Stodgy is simple, with the main focus as you walk in solely on the beer list and the taps. I tried their Pale Ale, my boyfriend went for the Table Saison (I preferred his), and we went outside to sit on a picnic table situated in the grass.

The beer was delicious: the saison tasted fresh and mellow, and the notes of grapefruit and pine came forward on my pale ale most of all. Stodgy offers their full beer list on their website, and the beers aren't complicated but a simple, straightforward list of classics...but I liked that. You don't want to sift through 50+ beers just desperate to find one that suits your mood, you want to get right to the point.

Overall, sitting on the patio as the Sunday sun dipped past the horizon, I couldn't think of a better place to sit back and sip a brew.

Stodgy Brewing Company is located at 1802 Laporte Avenue in Fort Collins.

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