I've been bearing some confessions in my blogs this week, so here's another:  I have called the fuzz on someone whom I saw texting while driving.  This person was driving exceptionally slow on busy I-25 and weaving across lanes while people honked at them, and when I drove up next to them, they were looking directly down at their phone.

I didn't do this out of spite or because I was having a hard day, but because someone needs to take incompetent drivers like that off the road!  That's what texting behind the wheel makes you, you know.  A 2010 study from Car & Driver Magazine concluded that texting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk.  My hope is that someday soon, our society will view it as such, because a lot of people don't think it's that big of a deal.  Here's how big of a deal it can be:

Please, just don't! I used to text while driving too, and I made a simple decision NOT to. It is literally that easy.

Side note:  Someone else I've called in? One of those d**ks who flashes their brights in your mirror because they don't think you're getting out of their way fast enough, when I was doing 80 and passing people in the fast lane.  People have guns, people have phones... So at least try to do the right thing, please?  I promise to return the favor.

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