Nearly 10 years since the release of Jackass 3D, fans are still asking the cast for a fourth movie. Despite the massive demand from longtime fans, it looks like Jackass 4 will never see the silver screen, according to Steve-O.

Steve-O gave a lengthy interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, talking about everything from drug-induced hallucinations to abstaining from sex for over a year. In one chunk of Steve’s chat, he revealed Jackass “captain” Johnny Knoxville is keeping a fourth film from happening.

“The short answer is that Knoxville is not interested in doing that,” Steve said. “There’s been emails from some of the other guys, particularly one guy [laughs], who periodically has sent group emails. ‘Come on guys, let’s make another movie. Everybody wants it, I get asked everyday if we’re gonna make another movie.’ Knoxville responded to the last one with, ‘I get asked everyday if we’re gonna make another movie as well, but I would rather people ask for another movie than, ‘Why did you make that last movie?’’ He wanted to sort of keep the legacy intact, and I can’t really argue with it.”

When asked about the likelihood of Jackass 4 ever coming out, Steve replied, “I would say, it’s not.”

“Without [Johnny] we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere,” Steve reflected. “As the face of it, he really had this incredible star quality. His talent, his on-camera wit, his charisma, his looks and his fucking insanity. You can’t take away from Knoxville that he’s absolutely the craziest one of us.”

Now a stand-up comic, Steve-O has plenty of 2019 tour dates booked across North America. Click here for the full list of shows.

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