Sure, sure... it's the dead of winter. Snow is on the ground. It's really cold outside. But is it too early to start dreaming of warmer weather and spending some quality time outdoors? I think not!

If you're like me, once Christmas passes you probably start longing for the days you can jump in your car or truck, roll the windows down and head up Highway 34 into the mountains. Or even better, head south down I-25 to catch I-70 west FAR into the mountains, but faster - well, depending on traffic.

It's because of the daydreaming about warmer weather I started down a rabbit hole to find some of the best camping and fishing spots to hit up once spring and summer hit. I'm not a river fishing guy. I like getting out on a boat, dropping a line in the water with some tunes and cold ones, plus a few friends to make fun of.

So based on that, I've gone on a mission to map out the best spots to do a little fishing in the state once the weather improves. And based on a handful of different recommendations, these are the lakes I'm told to try out.

These Are The Best Lakes For Fishing in Colorado

From a combination of sources, like and

5 Tips For Winter Camping in Colorado

When you want to get away but you can't go far, consider a Colorado stay-cation, like camping. However, there are some things to remember about winter camping in Colorado: check out our tips, below.

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