Once again, it's that time! Spotify 2020 Wrapped rolled out for both listeners and artists starting on Tuesday (Dec. 1).

If you listen to music on Spotify, that means you can see exactly what you listened to (and how much, plus much more) over the crazy year that's been 2020. Are you ready to get your Spotify Wrapped stats for the year?

To keep things exciting, the Spotify 2020 Wrapped personalized experience includes a handful of new features to show you how you listened on the ubiquitous audio streaming service over the past 12 months.

For example, as you follow along with the Story of Your 2020 to reveal your Top Song and Top Artist, add-ons like in-app quizzes and podcast listening statistics will appear. There's also "Missed Hits" — a discovery playlist that recommends similar songs you might have glossed over — and something called "On Record," a mixed-media experience that takes your most-listened-to tracks and appends relevant podcast chats to each one.

So how do you get your Spotify Wrapped for 2020? Just click on this link and make sure you're logged in.

As Spotify noted, "eligible users can access their personalized Wrapped experience exclusively in the Spotify mobile app on iOS and Android. As usual, this year's Wrapped is full of insights on the artists, songs, genres and podcasts that defined your listening in 2020 — and it's created from data unique to each and every listener."

In much the same way, recording artists can now access their 2020 Artist Wrapped to get "a personalized summary of your year on Spotify that will tell you how your music connected with fans around the world."

For artists, simply log into your Spotify for Artists page on the web or from a mobile device. Any artist who had more than three listeners before Oct. 31 will have a Wrapped experience waiting for them! (If you're an artist who has yet to claim their Spotify profile, you can do that here.)

So how did you listen on Spotify this year? Were there any surprises waiting for you regarding the artists, songs or genres you listened to the most? What do you think of the new 2020 Wrapped features?

For this writer, one big change from my Spotify 2019 Wrapped to 2020 was that Danzig somehow dropped from No. 1 to No. 4 on my most-listened-to artists. (See my stats below.) I'm sorry, Glenn!

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