Paramore have now performed the oft-requested, "All I Wanted" for the first time, which led us to question which songs from the band's history have never been performed live.

Sure, you know the hits. It's not surprising that "Misery Business" is their most performed track, followed by "That's What You Get," "Pressure," "Ignorance" and "Decode," but what about the songs that have yet to be played by the band onstage?

After taking a lengthy break following their 2017 After Laughter album, the band has now returned to the touring circuit. They recently debuted the new song "This Is Why" live, giving fans their first taste of new music from the band's forthcoming album of the same name.

Prior to that, they released five studio albums, appeared on a few different soundtracks and issued a Singles Club compilation. But through all that time, there are only two songs that the band has recorded and released that have yet to be played during a Paramore live show, according to

So, without any further wait, let's show you the two songs and give you a little bit of background on each.

There Are Only Two Songs Paramore Have Never Played Live

What are they?

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