Colorado's Stanley Hotel has a reputation for being the most haunted hotel in the Centennial State, but several other establishments are also known for their ghostly guests.

For example, eerie encounters involving the paranormal have been happening for years at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs.

History of the Hotel

The Antlers Hotel first opened to guests in June of 1883. General William Jackson Palmer named the hotel "The Antlers" because, at the time, he was using the building's lobby to house his large collection of deer and elk trophies.

Tourists from all over the world stayed at The Antlers - many while visiting famous nearby attractions, like Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. The Antlers was even given the nickname "Little London" because of how many English tourists booked rooms at the hotel.

The original hotel had 75 large guestrooms and no two were the same. Modern conveniences, such as a hydraulic elevator, central steam heat, and gas lights were present in the hotel during the late 1800s. Additionally, the encompassing property had a billiards room, music room, barber shop, Turkish Bath, and a children’s playroom.

Sadly, on October 1, 1898, a fire at a nearby railroad depot caused The Antlers to burn down.

General Palmer rebuilt the Colorado Springs hotel in 1901. This time around, it was designed with an Italian Renaissance architectural style. The new establishment boasted 200 lavish guestrooms, a restaurant, and the Rose Ballroom. Other unique features included fireproof walls and mosaic floors. Several presidents stayed at the rebuilt hotel, and Theodore Roosevelt even gave a speech off of one of the balconies.

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General Palmer died in 1909 but his vision of The Antlers remained in operation until 1964, with the last guest checking out on September 20.

The famous hotel was torn down and rebuilt yet again, eventually reopening on March 20, 1967. In 1975, the Broadmoor Management Company took over the operation of The Antlers and continues to run the business today.

Modern Times

More than 130 years after General Palmer constructed The Antlers Hotel, it remains a popular tourist destination in the city of Colorado Springs. Today, the massive and modern hotel has multiple in-house restaurants, a 24-hour pool and fitness center, and 273 rooms, including 22 suites and a few dog-friendly spaces.

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Haunted Happenings

With such a rich western history, it's no wonder souls from long ago have yet to leave. It's stories about these encounters that have attracted ghost hunters from all over the world to The Antlers Hotel in Colorado.

At least three ghostly residents are said to haunt the halls of The Antlers.

According to locals, a mustachioed male entity is known to hang around Judge Baldwin’s Bar, which is one of the restaurants inside the sophisticated hotel.

Other staff members and guests have seen a female spirit, dressed in a long white gown, making her way down a flight of stairs in the back of the building. It's unknown if this womanly spirit is connected to a homicide that occurred on the 10th floor in 1976 when a hotel maid was strangled to death.

In the 1970s, a high school student reportedly committed suicide on prom night inside of The Antlers. The young girl's apparition is another that's been seen from time to time lingering in various rooms.

Other hair-raising paranormal encounters include guests claiming to have awoken to the feeling of someone standing over their bed, hearing unexplained knocks or distant footsteps, or people catching a drifting shadow just outside of their peripheral vision.

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