First, one from when I was dating my wife, but you can personalize to your liking:

  • She knew I was willing to move out of state for a year or two so I could advance some sort of career in radio.  And we did that, although not to the place I told her we should on April Fool's Day.  Since we were getting to know each other still, it was super easy to convince her, all the way up to A-Basin Ski  Resort, that I had been offered a receptionist "gig" at a country station in Hutchinson, Kansas, and I was super excited about it.  She reluctantly agreed, since it would be what's best after all.  Poor thing!  When we got to the top of the lift, I looked at her, said "APRIL FOOL'S," slapped her on the back (gently) and took off down the run.  This was one of the first clues that she might be able to put up with me.  She reminds me of this every year.

And some other goodies:

  • Photoshop an image of New Belgium Green Chili Beer.
thatpetstoreonline via EBay
thatpetstoreonline via EBay


  • How about a dog bra?




  • Wear a helmet everywhere you go, including in the car.  And just start talking to people about the "new law," where you have to wear a helmet anytime you're traveling anywhere for any reason in the state of Colorado.
  • Or, better yet, just post this on your Facebook page:

I love lists like this, because I tend to get myself too busy to act out any pranks at April Fool's.  But, when you have three small children, you have to do SOMETHING.

One more:

  • We did convince our three little girls that their favorite restaurant at the time, Pueblo Viejo in Old Town, had been struck by lightning and burned down - on the way to Pueblo Viejo.

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