Back in January, a guy in Snowmass Village up near Aspen passed out in his living room.  So his roommates used it as an opportunity to draw some genetalia all over 25-year-old Stephen Elmore’s face.  And it sounds like he was out of it pretty early, because it was midnight when he woke up.  That's when he saw his face, stormed off, and a few minutes later, decided to go ahead and retaliate, by setting the GARAGE ON FIRE.

One of the people who drew on him was the 37-year-old owner of the place, so it's pretty obvious Elmore was trying to get back specifically at her by destroying her property.

Thankfully, the other residents smelled smoke and got the fire out quickly.  The only damage to the structure was a charred ceiling, and nobody was injured.

Elmore's trial was Monday of last week, at which point the judge described his revenge as "significantly out of proportion."  He pleaded guilty to fourth-degree arson, but got a reduced sentence of two years' probation.

He also said he's decided to quit drinking.

Good tip for anyone planning to take on a roommate situation at some point:  If you pass out drunk in the middle of a party, phallic drawings on your face are a 100% guarantee, 100% of the time.  If there is an exception to this rule, chances are your eyebrow(s) will be involved - and that you can't remove with a wash cloth.

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