Well, this is quite the record to break in a notoriously snowy state like Colorado.

Denver just broke the record for the latest recorded snowfall in the city - and as of Monday (Nov. 22), the Mile High City is still waiting to see some snow.

On Sunday (Nov. 21), Denver had yet to report even the slightest measure of snow; it was at this point that the city had officially topped the list for the latest first snow on record.

According to a post via CBS4's Twitter page, the last time Denver recorded any measurable snow was more than 200 days ago, on April 21st at the Denver International Airport.

The Latest First Snowfalls On Record In Denver

Before this year, the latest snowfall on record for the Mile High City dates all the way back to 1934. To put this more into perspective:

  1. 2021 — (hasn't happened yet) 
  2. 1934 — Nov. 21
  3. 1931 — Nov. 19
  4. 2016 — Nov. 17
  5. 1894 — Nov. 16

According to the National Weather Service, the longest amount of time Denver has gone without any measurable snowfall was 235 consecutive days, dating back to 1887.

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So, When Will Denver See Snow?

Well, as per the latest forecast for Denver via the National Weather Service, it doesn't look like the city will be seeing any snow this week.

The sun will keep on shining throughout the rest of Monday (Nov. 22) and temps are going to reach a high of 67; the chance of snow? I'd say slim to none - emphasis on none. 

Tuesday will bring more sunshine to the Mile High City, as temps will reach a high of, or around, 66.

As far as the rest of the week is concerned, Wednesday's shaping up to be a more cloudy day, with clear and sunny skies returning just in time for your Thanksgiving Day celebrations on Thursday.

This weekend will bring even more clear and sunny skies to Denver, while temps are expected to reach a high in the low 60s.

In short, there is no sign of snow in sight for the city - at least in the very near future.

Will Denver see any snow in 2021? I'd like to think so, although only time will tell.

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