Too soon? Saturday Night Live's February 27 episode mentioned that United Airlines engine failure which happened the previous weekend in the Denver Metro area.

The Boeing 777's engine failure took place moments after the jet, bound for Honolulu, took off from Denver International Airport, scattering debris over Broomfield. And while (miraculously) no one on board or below was injured and the plane made a safe emergency landing, there was definitely a mess of large airplane parts to clean up.

Weekend Update host Michael Che mentioned the incident during last weekend's episode, below.

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, February 27, 2021 via NBC

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Debris from the United plane's engine landed on top of homes in the Broomfield area.

Broomfield Police were tasked with sending a Code Red to 1,400 Broomfield residents.

And the view from the plane itself was also terrifying, naturally.

According to the FFA, the incident is still under investigation. The NTSB says that 'the inlet and cowling separated from the engine' fracturing fan blades, while they were in motion.

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