Smashburger is known across the country for their delicious burgers, and now you have a chance to devour one every day for only one dollar each day.

According to Thrillist, the burger chain is now offering a new incentive called the "Holiday Smash Pass" which will give you the chance to get a burger every day for a buck for 54 days in a row.

You can purchase the pass for only $54, and you can start enjoying your burgers on November 15th. That's also the last day that the pass will be available for purchase.

Sounds good right? Well what's even better is the passes will NOT sell out. Smashburger plans on selling an unlimited amount during that time.

What's the catch? Well don't think you can go inside one of their locations and buy 54 burgers in one day. You will receive an emailed coupon each day which you MUST use on that day. That's right. The coupon will expire at the end of that day so if you miss out, you miss out.

Plus the pass will ONLY cover you to get a one dollar burger. If you want fries, a drink, or any other side, that will cost extra.

How much do you actually save with the pass? Well seeing that every burger costs around $6.70, and if you got a burger every day, you'd save over $250.

So if you have a Smashburger fan in your family, why not get them an early Christmas gift?

Smashburger has locations throughout Northern Colorado, including two in Fort Collins, one in Loveland, and another in Longmont.

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