If you didn't realize, Smash Mouth, who headlined the final night of Taste of Fort Collins 2016, didn't take as kindly to the free bread, which had been handed out by a local vendor all weekend, being tossed around during their show, as Atlas Genius did the night before (I remember A.G. frontman Keith Jeffrey saying "Wow, what next, are you gonna start throwing around fried chicken?  Hahahaha.")

Now, they are getting in the middle of a brawl between Chad Kroeger from Nickelback and Corey Taylor from Stone Sour & Slipknot.

From Twitter (@smashmouth):

“We see what Chad is saying but Slipknot has more than pulled it off. It feels authentic, they nailed it! They’re American Icons.”
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Naturally, it didn't take long for Corey Taylor to respond, not to Smash Mouth, but to Chad Kroeger, who recently referred to Stone Sour as "Nickelback Lite."  (It gets good about two minutes in.)

Why can't we all just a) make great music and own that s**t, and b) get along?

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